Mission Trips 2014

Time to start thinking about a mission trip for 2014. We have several options available for anyone that is able to participate. Mission trips are a great way to get yourself out of your routine and spend time away focused on Christ. It is true we should live everyday focused on Christ, keeping him number one in our lives, seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33) However, most Christians in our culture struggle with being able to do that. The busyness of work, school, and family, not to mention trying to take care of yourself all seem to make it difficult to follow this command of Christ. It is important to note that Christ did not put a disclaimer in this command allowing us to opt out if things were too tough for us. I believe mission trips are a great way to put the cares of everyday life aside and begin to re-train ourselves to focus on what is most important. It is not about being a sold out Jesus follower for one week, and then going back to our regular lives. It is more about using that week to adjust ourselves into a more Christ centered routine for the other 51 weeks of our year. It is that practical, hands on, on the ground experience that is more powerful than anything we can hear from someone else. I have personally been on many mission trips over the years. I feel more equipped to fight the good fight, and more capable of running the race each time I go. Mission trips accomplish kingdom work, introduce people to Christ, and build up other believers, but they also give you valuable experience in ministry, a place to use your talents, deepen your relationship with Christ and with your brothers and sisters that are serving with you. I would like to encourage each of you to pray and seek Gods desire for you to participate in one of these great trips in 2014.

Current Sermon Series: Doers of the Word

We are excited to start 2014 with the Doers of the word sermon series.  We will explore different aspects of  Christianity each week, developing a better understanding of what God is asking us to do according to the Bible, and practical ways to apply these teachings to enrich our daily lives, deepen our relationship with Christ, and enable us to make a greater difference in the world. 

Facebook Bible Study

If you are not already, I would like to encourage you to participate in our Facebook Bible Study. It’s very easy to participate.

Every morning there is a posted summary of the daily chapter on our Facebook fan page, http://www.facebook.com/awakeningnwa. Just read the chapter for the day and meditate on God’s word, then comment on the status with a sentence or two sharing what God has shown you or what stood out the most to you in the chapter. We hope that you will join us as we explore God’s Word together.

Hebrews 7

In Hebrews 7, the writer makes the case that Christ is the superior and perfect High Priest. The writer tells us of a priest named Melchizedek, who was the King of Salam, Priest of God, and met Abraham and blessed him. We are told that Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek. Melchizedek means “king of righteousness and king of peace.” He had no father or mother– no family tree. He had no beginning or no end and remains a priest forever. The tribe of Levi was appointed to the priesthood by God, and was commanded to collect the tithes from Gods people. However, Melchizedek was not a part of the Levitical priesthood, but collected tithes from Abraham. So you could say that Levi, the one who God appointed to receive tithes, actually paid tithes to Melchizedek through Abraham who was Levi’s ancestor. If we were able to get to God through the Levitical priesthood (that is the system the law was given under), then why would we need another priest to appear after the order of Melchizedek? Instead, we would have had another priest through the line of Aaron. So if we are going to transfer the priestly powers, then there has to be a change in the law regarding the priesthood. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah and Moses made no mention of priesthood in the tribe of Judah. So now we see Christ did not become a high priest by physical linage, but became a priest because he has no beginning and no end. Now we have a new and better hope, because the law could never get anyone to heaven, but Jesus is our guarantee that God has provided a way to be with Him. We have had plenty of Levitical priests because the old ones die and have to be replaced by new ones, but Christ will be our High Priest permanently. Christ is always there, ready to intercede on our behalf. Christ is the perfect High Priest; He doesn’t have to make sin sacrifices every day. He had no personal sin to sacrifice for, and offered Himself once and for all to be the sacrifice for our sins. The law appoints priests who are weak, but Jesus– God’s son– is perfect in all ways and abides forever.



Summertime is so busy, but off to a great start. We have had wonderful services the last few weeks. I want to congratulate Brooke Stout for her decision to accept Christ as Savior this Sunday. On Sunday July 1st, we will be having baptism services at Rick and Linda’s at 1:00 pm. We will be baptizing Brooke Stout and Austin Brown. We are very excited about both their decisions to follow Christ in baptism. We will also be having lunch together. We will barbeque Chicken and everyone can bring their favorite summertime side dish. This will be a great time of fun, food, and fellowship as we celebrate together with Brooke and Austin.


We had an amazing time at the homeless meal Saturday June 2nd. Saturday morning we met at theWigginsUnitedMethodistChurch to prepare for the meal. We fed around 120 for lunch. The meal was fabulous and the fellowship and time spent sharing was equally as great. Thank you, Rick, for your hard work organizing this event and bringing it together so well.


What a great time at the block party. We were able to reach out to many in the neighborhood, begin new relationships, and continue with others from our past outreach efforts. Thank-yous are in order for Steve Alberts, Tim Moses, and the FBC Youth Group who came and participated. Special thanks to Dylan Breeding for not only coming to share his testimony, but for staying to spend time with the neighborhood children playing games. We had about 75 participate in the event and were able to register about 30 guests from the neighborhood. We have had new guests for Sunday services for several weeks following. Thank you everyone who participated, making this a very successful event.


Our VBS and Sports Camp will be held July 18th -21st. This will be a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening from 6:00pm – 8:00 pm.  The event will conclude on Saturday morning from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, with a meet-the-parents cookout from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.  Lisa Wheat will be overseeing the VBS, and Steve Alberts will be overseeing the Sports Camp. This event will be held in the neighborhood, not at the church. This requires more preparation, but will be much more accessible to the residents of our neighborhood.  We will have several opportunities to invite people to this event by going door to door. Set aside time to be apart of this great opportunity to serve others and make a difference in the lives of kids and teenagers.


We are in our second week of the Crazy Love bible study. I would like to encourage everyone to come and participate in this great study. Even if you missed the first session, it’s still easy to catch up. Join us this Wednesday night at 6:30.