Core Values

Reach Through Relationship

A strong relationship with Christ enables us to build strong relationships with others. Caring for people is paramount to the Christian faith. Our desire is to build community and reach out to others by going to where people are and building relationships.

Teach through Apprenticeship

Jesus taught his disciples while spending time with them. They learned by instruction as well as demonstration. We place great priority on offering opportunities to learn from others while going to our community and participating in ministry together.

Send through Sponsorship

Every believer is called to be salt and light to the world around them. Each week we challenge and equip believers to go out into the world ready to live for Christ. Believers can rest assured, they can call upon others at the Awakening when any need arises in their life and personal ministry.

Our Mission

Organizing and empowering community missionaries to engage those most culturally removed from existing church communities.

Our Vision

To cultivate leaders among the various cultures we engage, raising up churches from within the culture to carry on the work.

Interested in Church Planting?

We're always looking to partner with individuals and churches interested in church planting. Connect with us via the contact info below to begin the conversation. We look forward to hearing about your vision and discussing how we can work together to impact Fayetteville, Arkansas.